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The problem

To find the answer to my question I went through the official Nuxt documentation and through the existing Stack Overflow and Github issue discussions.

But with no luck.

My AuthModule looks something like this:

The solution

After some trial and error I finally discovered the answer to my question.

The implementation…

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The void is an infinite black well. Out of space and out of time.

Somehow, somewhere — out of nowhere — a spark ignites. It marks the beginning of time.

A consciousness is pulled out of the void. Followed by a roll of the dice.






A veil over the world being lifted.

Out of entropy and chaos — out of nothingness — emerges a living, breathing and feeling human being. Filled great potential, boundless dreams and unlimited desires.

An ordered system in a chaotic universe.

The senses are instantly awashed by a haze of colours and lights, a cacophony of voices, a thunderstorm of smells... And a parents touch.

Then life happens. With all the good and bad that comes with it.

And for a brief period of time we have a chance to make a positive impact.

On Pure Functions, Referential Transparency and Equational Reasoning

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I am currently learning about functional programming (FP) with JavaScript (JS).

So I decided to write about my discoveries in order to improve my understanding of the subject and to help someone on a similar path.

Even though always investigate relevant sources and try to fact check every claim in…

Ivan Spoljaric

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